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In the very near future we will be posting the 2021 Tentative Supervisor’s Budget.  We will have a dedicated phone line for your questions, as well as an email address. We are very much looking forward to dialogue and conversation with the community as we move forward with the difficult task of restoring stability to the Town’s finances.  All municipalities are struggling with the losses of revenue from the COVID pandemic.  We have the added difficulty of an unauthorized 60% tax cut which if goes unaddressed, will cripple this town in two years.

We have explored many options and strategies, and look forward to sharing them with our citizens and business owners.

Together we will create a sustainable, fiscally conservative and sound path forward.

The Supervisor’s Tentative 2021 Budget

2021 Supervisor’s Tentative Budget Sept 9,2020

What percentage of my taxes go to the running of the Town Government?

Please click HERE to see the first two of three videos explaining our Budget Process

Pie Chart of Property Taxes 8% – 

How we can recover a 60% tax loss and rebuild our safety net

3 years Recovering 60% Tax Loss

How are my taxes used?

How Your Taxes Are Used

Looking forward to Tax  Stability

 7 Years Returning Toward A Balanced Budget