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Assessor’s Office:

Stephen Gotovich, Town Assessor 845.868.1310, option #7

The assessor maintains the records of all property assessments in town. These are updated on a regular basis. If you have questions about your property, Steve and his staff will be happy to discuss them with you. They can be reached during office hours or by appointment.

The Town’s Tax Collector, Charles Hanlon, can be reached at 845-868-1310, option #9.  The Town Clerk also has the tax records and can be contacted at 845-868-1310, option #5.

The Assessors Office is open Mon-Thurs 9AM – 1PM. Friday 9AM-11AM


Building & Zoning Office:

Don Smith, Officer 845-868-1310, option #6

Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer Don Smith handles Building Permits, Certificates of Occupancy and Fire Inspections. He and his secretary can be reached daily during office hours. Feel free to come in – before 10AM- and discuss your plans.

The Building and Zoning Office secretary is in the office Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from  8:00 AM – 11:30 AM
                                                                                                       Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM



Honorable Frank Weber, Jr. and Honorable  Dennis Smith
tel 845-868-2269 fax 845-868-1570

Town Justice Frank Weber, Jr.:
Court session  Wednesday at 9:00 AM
Court Clerk: Patty Koch 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Monday through Friday


Town Justice Dennis Smith:
Court session on Monday & Wednesday at 6:00 PM
Court Clerk: Carolyn Harklerode 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Monday & Wednesday

Rich Prentice (518) 398-7121  or  (518) 518-8509
or email:

Pine Plains Veterinary Associates – (518) 398-9494

If a dog has been lost, call the Town Clerk’s office at (845)868-1366 or email to or with the information.

Highway Department:

 Jim Myers 845.868.7804

As we say in Stanford: “He’s fine.” Jim and his team takes care of 62 miles of highway, lots of bridges and culverts.
The Highway team also maintains the various scenic roads.

Driveway permits (for driveways off of Town roads) can be obtained through the Highway Department office.

Highway Dept. hours: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM.
Highway Department secretary: Carrie DePaola
8:30 AM – 12:30 PM Monday – Friday



Recreation Department:

The Recreation Supervisor is Lauren Osterman.  Lauren and her team take care of a great variety of activities. In the Town Clerk’s office you’ll find the recreation program directory.

The Recreation staff can be reached at 845 868 7782 (leave a message) or the Rec. Supervisor Lauren at 845-705-0441, or by email:

Recreation Commission Members:

Richard Bell
Mike Denatale
Sara Knickerbocker, secretary
Antonio Ingenito
Teddy Secor

Mary Weinberger  (Town Board Liaison)


Town Clerk:

 Ritamary Bell
Deputy Town Clerk Doreen Brown

phone (845) 868 1310, option #5
email: or

You can visit Rita daily to obtain Dog licenses, Hunting and Fishing licenses and Marriage licenses.
Please note that an appointment is recommended for getting a Marriage License.  Please call her at the office to schedule this appointment.
The Town Clerk’s Office also takes care of Death and Birth Registrations, Handicapped Parking Permits and is the Records Management Officer for the Town.  Feel free to come in any time with your questions.
Rita will be happy to assist you when paperwork needs to be notarized.

The Town Clerk’s office is open Mon-Fri 9AM – 1PM as well as by appointment.


Transfer Station:

The Station is located at 181 Bangall Amenia Rd and is open on Wednesday 7AM – 1PM and Saturday 7AM – 3PM.

Residents can obtain a yearly sticker for $10.00 which can be purchased at the station.

A list of items accepted can be found at the Transfer Station or with the Town Clerk, or you can download it from the “Town Forms” page.
You can reach the Transfer Station at 845 868 1031.