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Community News

Whitlock Preserve is Open

Stanford’s Whitlock Preserve, located off of Route 82 on Knight Road, has two short trails for walking and bird watching. This spring both trails were blocked by overgrowth, but not the west trail has been cleared and is hikeable. The eastern trail will be next, as well as clearing tree debris off the western footbridge. The Preserve is a gem. Please bring mosquito repellent!

Marijuana Legislation

Town of Stanford Legalization of Marijuana
Dialogue on Dispensaries and Lounges in the Town of Stanford
Your input on the following is requested. Please read carefully and send your comments via email to

New York State, through the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) [Cannabis Law Article 4], has legalized the possession and use of cannabis.  However, the regulated retail sale of adult-use cannabis is not expected to begin until late 2022 or early 2023.

The State regulatory framework being created is analogous the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law and the New York State Liquor Authority.  The framework is not complete, but several components are known.

  • There will be retail stores (sometimes called dispensaries – analogous to wine and liquor stores) and on-site consumption sites (sometimes called lounges – analogous to bars).
  • The State is prohibiting retail sale and/or on-site consumption within 500 feet of a school and 200 feet of a house of worship (analogous to alcohol sales laws).
  • All cannabis sales will be subject to a 4% local sales tax which will be distributed to the county where sales take place.  Counties are entitled to retain 25% of the local tax collected and must distribute the remaining 75% to the municipalities within the county in proportion to sales in each locale.  (Communities without sales will not receive revenue.)
  • Under State law, cannabis smoking and vaping is treated the same as smoking or vaping tobacco products and is prohibited in all the same places.
  • Towns may pass local laws and land use regulations governing the time, place and manner of the operation of retail dispensaries and/or on-site consumption sites, provided such laws or regulations do not make operations unreasonably impracticable.
  • Peace officers will be able to inspect all licensed or permitted premises and all records of licensed operators.

At the local level, State law for retail and on-site consumption will be deemed automatically approved unless the municipality passes a local law (opt-out) preventing cannabis sales prior to December 31, 2021.

If the municipality opts-in; retail and/or on-premises sales cannot be prohibited but can be subject to local zoning, which cannot place unreasonable restraints on the business.  Other aspects of marijuana production and distribution have been pre-empted by state law and cannot be prohibited.

A town can opt in for one option [e.g., dispensaries] and opt out for the other [e.g., lounges]

If the Town opts-out, then it may opt-in later, but the Town cannot opt-out of either retail sales or lounges unless it passes a local law.

  • To effectuate an opt-out, local governments must adopt a local law subject to a permissive referendum on or before December 31, 2021.
  • No city, village or town may opt-out after December 31, 2021.

Congratulations to the Winners of our Spring Photo Contest

First Place Winner – Philip Cohen  Weeping Cherry Tree

Second Place Winner – Kathy Stanley  Koi Easter Parade

Third Place Winner – Philip Cohen  American Goldfinch

Fourth Place Winner – Helene Sellerberg  Why Aren’t You Feeding the Birds?

Fifth Place Winner – Gregg Smith  Gliding Over the Pond

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Pickle Ball Court now Open!

We are thrilled to announce that the new pickle ball court is open for use!

We are asking that it only be used for pickle ball, and that skate boarders use the lower

court, adjacent to the Highway Garage, instead of our new court.  Thank you!


Come Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of our Grange ! Sat July 10th

The community is cordially invited to join Stanford Grange #808 at its 125th Anniversary celebration on Saturday, July 10, 2021, at 2 p.m.  The celebration will take place on the recreation fields behind the Stanford Grange Hall.  Noted guest speakers and presenters include:
Phil Prelli, Vice President of the National Grange
Stephen Coye, President of the New York State Grange
Marcus Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive
Gregg Pulver, Chairman of the Dutchess County Legislature
Wendy Burton, Town of Stanford Supervisor
Grange Membership Awards will be presented to Louise Woodcock (40 years) and Purdy Halstead and Bill Darling (65 years). Entertainment will be provided by the Stanford Junior Grangers, Stanford Grange Youth, and the Stanfordville Swingers. Refreshments will be served following the celebration.
Reservations are encouraged, but not required.  RSVP to Grange Secretary Ryan Orton at (845) 868-7869.

NYS Department of Taxation and Finance on Assessments and Taxes

To further clarify the relationship between the Town Assessor’s property value Assessments and your Taxes, here is a document produced by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance which I hope puts this issue to rest.

Your assessment could increase, and your tax bill could decrease

Your assessment could increase and your tax bill could stay the same

Your assessment could decrease and your tax bill could increase.