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Board of Ethics:

Ann Derry
Tim Gifford
Shoshana Gray
Michelle Gluck
Lee Kravitz

The Town of Stanford takes their Ethics seriously. This Board handles complaints on the ethical behavior of Town Employees.

The Ethics Board can be reached via 845 868 1310, option #5 for the Town Clerk.


Conservation Advisory Commission:

Rosemarie Miner (Chairwoman)
Mike Picinelli
Barry Haydasz
Greg Spiers
Claire Copley
James Sansum

Secretary : Teddy Secor

Town Board liaison – Councilwoman Margaret Fallon
The Conservation Advisory Commission advises the Town on environmental matters.
The CAC can be reached through the Town Hall and leave a message..


Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Interim Successors:

Frank Pepe, Councilman
Mary Weinberger, Councilwoman
Ritamary Bell, Town Clerk

This team serves in case that the Supervisor is unavailable during emergency situations.

They can be reached at 845 868 1310, option #2.


Office of Emergency Management:

Lou Casciano – Emergency Management Coordinator
Dennis Smith (Chmn.)
Kathleen Spiers
Donald Smith, Bldg. Insp.
Robert Stramm
Jeff Spiers
Jon Bloomberg

This board is responsible for the Town’s Emergency Preparedness Plan and Fire Safety Matters.

The Fire Safety Board can be reached at 845 868 1310, option #5.


Recreation Department:

The Recreation Department takes care of a great variety of activities. In the Town Clerk’s office you’ll find the recreation program directory, when available.

The Rec. Department can be reached at 845 868 7782.

Recreation Supervisor: Lauren Osterman

Recreation Commission Members:

Mike Denatale
Jessica O’Dell
Antonio Ingenito
Richard Bell
Councilman Mary Weinberger (Town Board Liaison)
Secretary: Sarah Knickerbocker
Click on Recreation Department heading for more information

Comprehensive Plan Review Committee

Gary Lovett – Chair
Karen Mosher
Tom Angell
Richard Bell
Conrad Levenson
James Samsun
Jeff Spiers
Secretary – Rosemarie Miner
Wendy Burton – Town Board Liaison

Scenic Road Committee:

Gayle Bontecou
 (vacant seat)
John Royall
Kevin Malloy
Henry Fernandez
Karen Mosher

The Scenic Road Committee advise the Town Board on applications for Scenic Roads. Furthermore the Committee reviews compliance with the Town Scenic Roads Law.

Farm and Agricultural Committee:

Mark Burdick
David Hambleton

The Farm and Agricultural Committee advise the Town Board on ways to preserve and sustain our agricultural community and soils.

The Committee can be reached at 845 868 1310, option #5 for the Town Clerk.


Planning Board Members:

Tom Angell – Chair
Brad Rolston
Chris Flynn
Will Moriarty
Patrick Hancock 
Secretary: Sara Knickerbocker
Paul Coughlin (Town Board Liaison)

The Planning Board meets every last Wednesday of the month. The Secretary, Sara Knickerbocker can be reached on 845 868 1310, option #8 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9AM to 2 PM.
  Click HERE to see video of 10/28/20 Planning Board Meeting

Zoning Board of Appeals:

Kathy Zeyher
Jim Myers III
Michelle Inzeo
Patrick Tierney
Councilman Frank Pepe (Town Board Liaison)

Secretary : Mary Dalton

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets every second Wednesday of the month. The Secretary  can be reached on 845 868 1310, option #8 on Wednesdays from 9AM to Noon.

Board of Assessment Review:

Sara Love
Carol Hanlon
Steve Bruman
Cathy Dillinger
Stacey Adams

Secy.: Ritamary Bell

Grievances regarding the value of your property – if in disagreement with the Assessor – will be settled by this board on the Annual Grievance Day, the fourth Tuesday in May.

You can reach the board at 845 868 1310, option # 7.