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Welcome to the Town of Stanford. Stanford is a beautiful rural town of about 3,825 residents. We have two lakes, public parks, a great recreational facility and beautiful places to walk, ride your bike or just take a car ride and visit our wonderful restaurants!

If you have any questions on our website, please contact the website administrator Mark D’Agostino 845-868-7769 or



On January 28, 2017 at Town Hall from 10am-12pm, the Town Assessor, Steve Gotovich, will update our residents on the revaluation process to date and answer any questions you may have, see you there !

The Town of Stanford is undergoing a town wide revaluation. The goal is to properly value all properties (commercial and residential) not to raise revenue. The statistics show that revaluations result in 1/3 of property’s remain the same, 1/3 go up and 1/3 go down. The Town Assessor, Steve Gotovich, will give a presentation and status update at each monthly town board meeting. You can also see his presentation by clicking on “board meeting video’s” in the lower right of the home page.

In terms of the information on your home, that is exactly why the process is being done, so accurate property values based on accurate information can be achieved. You will be given many opportunities to review the data. Right now or at any time in the next 9 months or so, you can go into the assessors office to review the information they have on your property. You will also be mailed a data information card that you can check for accuracy, make corrections and mail back. There is also a grievance process every year to review and correct data before the value is determined. We are mindful of making sure all information is accurate. 

More information on the revaluation can be viewed by clicking “Municipalities Revaluation” under Town information in the upper left of the home page.


Did you know your Stanford Fire Company is a 501 c(3) Not for Profit? The Fire Company appreciates any donations and they are tax deductible !


For those of you who can not come to Town Hall during its regular business hours of 9am-1pm weekdays only, The Town Board has elected to open the Town Clerk’s office at additional times.

The Clerk’s office will be open each month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 4-8 pm and the 2nd and 4th Saturday from 10 am-2 pm.

We believe this will provide our residents with the convenience and services they deserve.   All Forms can be accessed by using the forms link (Please click here.), and  you can pay by credit card (Please click here.) from your home computer. You don’t even need to come to town hall!  How’s that for service! We continue to move forward with our commitment to provide an efficient, effective, service oriented and available Town Government to YOU!! (Court fines can not be paid at this link, please call court directly for payment arrangements).

We are no longer able to take cash payments in excess of $20. If you must make payment in excess of $20, please use a check or money order ($35.00 fee applies to bounced checks).

DID YOU GET YOUR REBATE CHECK?? Because the Town of Stanford stayed under the tax cap (we actually decreased taxes again this year!) all residents who earn less than $500,000 per year  should have received a rebate check from NYS. Not only did we decrease your taxes, but we were able to get you a refund check from NYS as well! If you have any questions call 518-453-8146, when prompted press #2 or contact Supervisor Joseph Norton, Councilwoman Mary Weinberger or Councilman Mark D’Agostino who worked hard on this program for you! If you haven’t received your check please call the number listed above as NYS has had delays in processing millions of homeowners checks.


We have provided a link to our Town of Stanford Codes, Rules, Regulations and Town Laws. Please see the link to the right side of the home page entitled “Town Code, Rules and Regulations”. You can find all our local laws from A-Z. If you have any questions,  contact Supervisor Joseph Norton

Stanford Town Hall
26 Town Hall Road, P. O. Box 436
Stanfordville, NY 12581

Supervisor-Joseph M. Norton
845-868-1310, option #2 or

Councilwoman Mary Weinberger

Councilman Mark D’Agostino, CPA

Councilwoman Linda Eurich

Councilman Ryan Orton

Town Clerk Ritamary Bell
Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 1 PM      845-868-1366, option #5
or 845-868-1387
Other additional hours listed above

Town Court: Court Clerk  ~ 845-868-2269
Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 1 PM
Monday & Wednesday,  6 PM – 8 PM
Town Justice  Dennis Smith
Town Justice Frank Weber, Jr. 

Highway Superintendent – Jim Myers      845-868-7804
Highway Garage: Creamery Road, Stanfordville
open 7 AM to 3:30 PM

Town Assessor – Steve Gotovich     845-868-1310, option #7
Open Tues-Wed-Thur 9am-3pm

Building and Zoning Officer – Don Smith      845-868-1310, option #6
Mon – Thurs 8AM-11:30AM, Friday until 12:30 PM

Dog Control Officer – Diana Mackey      845-797-8109
or Pine Plains Vets   518-398-9494

Town of Stanford Comptroller – Meghan O’Connor
845-868-1310, option #4

If you have any questions about our website, please contact the Website Administrator Mark D’Agostino 845-868-7769 or