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Day: September 27, 2021

Haunted Fortress WILL be back 2022!

The Town Board sadly acknowledges and supports the conclusion by the Rec Commission that it will not be able to open the Haunted Fortress this October. We thank everyone who put their heart and sweat equity into working to make the Fortress happen this year. We will continue to support this unique and magical event space that gives so much joy to so many people so onward to 2022! We will make this happen!!

Please stand by with for an update from our Rec Commission on early planning and organization so they can bring back the magic next year! Below is the message that they posted on Sunday.

Stanford Recreation  · We’re sad to say that even though we had a very good outpouring of support and people stepping up to help the Haunted Fortress, we haven’t quite gotten to the number of volunteers needed to properly open. We simply ran out of time. Even though we are canceling the opening of the Haunted Fortress this year, it is not a total loss. A lot of work has been done over the past several months getting the Haunted Fortress back up and running, including the removal of the collapsed barn, a nearly complete electrical rewiring of the Haunted Fortress Scenes and support buildings and building code improvements. The Stanford Rec Commission would like to thank the Town Board for helping move the project forward by driving the infrastructure improvements made to the Haunted Fortress. This will help ensure our success in the future. We also want to thank the Town employees for helping with clearing of the paths and other tasks they do for us. And of course, a HUGE thank you to the volunteers that put a lot of sweat equity into the Haunted Fortress and to those that signed up, but didn’t get an opportunity to help. The Haunted Fortress is a gem in our community and it will be making a return next year, better than ever. Work will continue this year and we will start up earlier next year, now that all the infrastructure projects are complete. We are looking forward to a bright future for the Haunted Fortress and thank you for your continued support.