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Zoning Board of Appeals
Planning Board
Planning Board Application
Planning Board Applicant Guide
Agricultural Data Statement
Submission Requirements
Subdivision Endorsement
Site Plan Notice (707)
Site Plan Endorsement
Boundary Line Notice (801)
Subdivision Notice (687)
A Link to the DEC’s Mapper Application

Building and Zoning Office
Building Permit Application Form
Zoning Complaint Form

Recreation Department
Town Clerk’s Office
Dog License form
 Transfer Station sticker appl. 2019
Transfer Station Fee Schedule 2019
FOIL Request Form
Genealogical Search Application
Handicapped Parking Permit Application
Voter Registration Form
Town Voucher
Reflective Markers order from (Milan)


Please email the Town Clerk []  if you need a form that is not listed.
We will respond to your request as soon as possible.  We will attempt to send you the form electronically, otherwise we will send the form to you by mail to the address you provide.  Thank you!